Priolite MBX 1000

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Priolite MBX 1000

The unit is perfect for outdoor shooting against the sun for show- ing detailed structures.

The units feature replaceable batte- ry drawers that allow unlimited flash power without the need for an outlet. The batteries can be charged inside and outside of the housing of the flash unit.

All devices offer a bright, easily visi- ble display for flash power setting. The flash power is adjustable in 1/10 f-stops using a turning knob. There is an internal power reduction when the flash power is dumped; in this case, the flash does not have to be released manually.

The Omega-shaped flashtube has
a long life-span; it can be replaced by the user via a 3-point connection system. For flash triggering, the de- vices have a switcheable photocell; a switcheable audio signal indicates readiness of the flash.
A temperature-controlled built-in fan prevents overheating.

The devices are ready for radio ope- ration with their built-in remote control modules. The flash units can be controlled individually by the Priolite radio remote control; they communicate bi-directionally over distances of up to 300 m.

The flash power setting of an individual flash unit appears on
the RC display and can be adjusted, modeling light options can be selected, and flashes can sent into ‘sleep mode’. Up to 36 wireless flash devices can be controlled and triggered via remote power.

The massive reflector mechanics work without an external adapter to accept accessories from Bowens S- Line and many Hensel reflectors. Except for the handle, all parts of the units are constructed of solid metal. The support rail profile is made of aluminum casting, the reflector mechanics is made of die-cast aluminum.

The especially strong tilt head allows for tilting and rotation of the device and can support even heavy lighting accessories like big softboxes or octaforms. 


2 Year Manufacturers Warranty