M-Pack 1000 Hot Sync

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M-Pack 1000 Hot Sync

Mobile power pack
with 1000 Ws, replaceable battery and one socket for
the HEAD 1000 for simple operation.
Can be used in combination with our HotSync remote control for sync speed
up to 1/8000 second.
Up to 160 flashes at full power available per single charge. Remote control of power setting and triggering is provided through bi-directional operation. 

The M-PACK 1000 HotSync is opti- mized for flash synchronization up to 1/8000 second.

It has therefore a long and even flash duration of 1/200 second which is needed for focal plane shutters using such speeds.

The HotSync functionality is only available in combination with the Priolite remote control HS for Canon, Nikon, Pentax or Sony came- ras (see relevant manual).

The power pack can also be used with other flash trigger systems without restriction but in such cases only up to 1/200 second shutter speed.

By using very short shutter speeds, it is now possible even in daylight and sunshine to freeze high speed motion.

Furthermore, you can now open the lens even at very bright ambient light to achieve shallow depth of field.

It is perfect for: sports photography, wedding and portrait photography outdoors and in addition everywhere where you want to freeze high speed motion, for example, at hockey games, bicycle racing, horse racing, etc. 



2 Year Manufacturers Warranty