Control A Hot Sync (Pentax)

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Priolite Remote


Different from the Priolite standard remote control A, which can only trigger up to 1/200 second, the Priolite HotSync remote control can trigger without any further settings studio flash lights up to 1/8000 second.

The short synchronization times can only be achieved in combination with the HotSync Priolite studio flashes as they are:
MBX 500 HotSync, MBX 1000 HotSync and M-PACK 1000 HotSync.

The new Priolite HotSync remote control HS-C/N/P/S can also be used in conjunction with standard flash units, but then only up to a sync time of 1/200 second. 

• Bi-directional
• Extreme working range of 300 m • Supports up to 4 teams
• Up to 9 units per team
• Ready indicator

The bi-directionality of the remote control ensures that the displays of the power setting are the same on the flash as on the remote control. When the power changes on the flash, this adjustment is transferred to the remote control, and vice versa.