A 500 BATTERY 16 V for MBX 500

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A 500 BATTERY 16 V for MBX 500

Priolite uses only Li-ion batteries from well-known brand manufactur- ers such as Sony, Panasonic or Samsung.
The batteries are assembled and tested in Germany. All batteries have a special circuit protection against overload, short circuit, over- charge and overheating.

The batteries are supplied in a spe- cial protective housing, while high current contacts connect the battery to the flash unit. A data interface ensures that the device can only be switched on and off when batteries are completely inserted.

For charging, two special chargers are available. Charging can be done during operation without damage to the batteries. The charging can also be done outside of the device.

Since Priolite uses two different batteries, they are encoded to avoid confusion.

Battery A 500 with 16 V for MBX 500.

Battery A 1000 with 58 V for
MBX 1000, M-PACK 1000, LED 400.

Depending on the treatment of the batteries they can be used for up to 1000 charging and discharging cycles.